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Manu Amadori skysurfing

Skydive Marche
Freefly friends from Ravenna
Generation Freefly
Dropzone in Rome
Venny and Lele
Sinapsi Pd Rw4
Tazio Madlinger
Official site of Barbara Brighetti
Friends from Salerno
Omar skysurfer and freeflyer
Beyond the Ultraword
Skydiving.it - Italys skydivers point of reference
Dropzone.com - World reference for skydivers
USPA - Usa parachute association
FAI- Federation Aeronautique International
Enclave - Skydivers index
Headdown.Net - Videos and photogallery from northern Europe
Olav Zipser - The invetor of freefly
AIP - Italian Instructors Association
Scuola Italiana Paracadutismo - Italian instructor school
Rigging Innovation- The home of Voodoo and Talon containers
Icarus Canopies - Canopies measurably superior
Larsen & Brunsgard - Prodytter and Protrack
Bonehead - Freefly helmets