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Team Dragonfly

Friendship and freeflying are the elements which helped create Dragonfly Freefly in the year 2000.

Brian, Cristofer, Mauro, Richard e Simona are five friends who decided to start the first school of freeflying in Central Italy with hopes of increasing the technical skills and levels of all those who share the passion and interest in freeflying.

In 2002 the team objectives have expanded into other areas such as tandems, aff courses and event organizing. Competition has also became an important objective for the team.

From the beginning Dragonfly has participated in many boogies throughout Italy and abroad adding to the long list of friends. Collaborating with Frick Atmonauti, Tazio Madlinger, Max Cohn of Generation Freefly, Babylon, Birdman and Icarus canopies has helped to broaden the technical merits of the team creating a strong freefly foundation and even greater friendships with those they have met along the way.

Go get'em guys...